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Gotta Love Change

If it feels like you’re stuck in the mud, spinning your wheels and getting nowhere fast, maybe it’s time to get out and push, or just walk away and do something completely different. Either way, it’s time for a change. So here are a few practical (and maybe not so practical) ideas:

• join a business networking group
• do lunchtime yoga
• take a public-speaking course
• rearrange your office according to feng shui
• host a small conference for professionals in your business
• tell your hairdresser to give you a fabulous new cut
• learn a completely new computer program
• get active in a new online community

And so on… Suddenly that rut won’t seem so deep – or so muddy.

If nothing on our list sparks your fancy, Seth Godin – permission marketing guru, entrepreneur and author of The Purple Cow – offers another 45 ideas in “Can you change everything?” (You can find it on his blog. WordPress won’t let me link to the post for some reason.)

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