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Make Room for Wealth

Your office is a fire hazard. Your desk is covered with crap. Despite acute attempts to go paperless, the mailman continues to deliver reams of catalogues, credit-card offers and other dead-tree items to your door. And your Quicken log hasn’t been categorized in months. Here’s the catch: you can’t create wealth while waging war with ongoing chaos. Wealth, like any organic matter, needs space and light to grow.

Need help getting organized? You could:

  • banish junk drawers, or better yet, banish junk.
  • try a modified version of the six-month “maybe” box
  • bite the nerd bullet and get a label maker
  • keep a recycling basket next to your desk and toss any junk mail into it. (the trees will thank you.)
  • go as paperless as you comfortably can.

Learn more about these ideas and more in this article on LifeHacker.com: Clean Your Workspace — and Keep it That Way.

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